Our Services

Our packages are "one-stop-shopping." They include:

Website Design;
Website Hosting; and
Domain Specific E-mailboxes

All services are integrated into one package to
streamline the process. Each section is explained below. 


Website Design

All of our sites are custom built to your specifications.  To preview some of the available base templates please click here.

Our packages start with a basic 5-page website (1-Main, 2-Practice Areas/Specialties, 3-Employee Roster, 4-Additional Info, 5-Contact Us/Directions).  We think anything less would make site seem too cluttered.  Spreading the pages out logically allows the viewer to focus on one thing at a time.  Additional pages can be added and we recommend adding specific pages for your professionals and paraprofessionals.  In most cases, these people in your firm are billing fees to your clients and it is helpful for them to see their individual, professional and educational backgrounds.

What we need from you...
In designing your site we will need the following from you:

  • Text of the general overview of your firm.
  • Your firm or companies practice areas and/or special areas of expertise.
  • Photographs, which can be digital or hard copy, of your employees that you wish to appear on your website.
    • Digital Photographs should be high resolution .bmp, .jpg, .gif files.
    • Hard copy photos will be digitized and optimized with Power Play's equipment and software for display on your website.
  • Your representative clients.
  • Any reported decisions associated with your firm (if applicable).
  • Any articles authored by employees of your firm (you are responsible for obtaining any applicable releases, if necessary).
  • Any existing hard copy marketing materials.
  • A copy of your firm logo (if applicable).
  • Anything else you wish to see on the website.

Search Engine Optimization and Submission
As part of your design package, we will carefully prepare your page titles, descriptions and meta tags.  These are all tools search engines (like Google, Yahoo, etc...) use to index your site so people can "find you."  

One thing we will not do is guarantee page ranking in search engines.  If you don't choose Power Play to build your site, we do advise you to stay away from anyone who promises that your site will be ranked #1 in search engines, if they do, get it in writing!  Search engines are tricky and constantly evolving to stay ahead of the web developers who "cheat" (such as hiding text or "over-submitting" to search engines) to obtain higher page rankings for their clients.  The last thing you need is getting your page banned by one of the larger search engines.  No one can legitimately guarantee rankings on the web, plain and simple.

Based on prior sites built by Power Play and their rankings in the search engines we are confident that you will have good results in the rankings over time (Rome wasn't built in a day), but we cannot promise that.  One sure way to drive traffic to your new website is by placing your URL on your print advertising, letterhead and business cards.

Once your site is finished, one of the last things Power Play will do prior to turning the site over to you is hand submit your webpage to Google, Yahoo and other larger search engines.  We will also turn on your search engine submission feature in your web hosting package.  As described below and part of your hosting package, your site will be submitted monthly to many search engines which will help in getting ranked.  Once it is turned on, the process is automated. 

Website Hosting Services

Included in the price of your website package is Web-hosting through Network Solutions.  Network Solutions has been in business for over 25 years; they pioneered the domain name registration service and are a leading provider of Internet services. Over 65% of Fortune 100 companies, along with many other individuals and small, medium and large businesses, rely on Network Solutions products and services to conduct business online.  They are reliable, and report 99.9% server uptime and live customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They presently host over 7 million domain names, over 500,000 e-mailboxes and over 200,000 websites.

As part of the hosting package through Network Solutions you will receive the following for 1-year from the date of registration:

  • URL Registration. (www.yourcompany.xxx)  You may wish to obtain extra domain names at an additional cost.  While it isn't necessary, some companies wish to obtain common misspellings of their name and point them back to their real website to ensure traffic is being steered to them.
  • Hosting.  Network Solutions will host your website, provide 300 Gigabytes of storage and allow 3,000 Gigabytes of transfer per month under the Silver Package.  Additional storage and data transfer are available at a higher cost.
  • Additional Pages.  On top of your basic 5 page site, you are provided with an additional 995 pages that can be developed.  Pages developed by Power Play over the basic 5 will incur additional cost depending on the content of the page as fully described in our "packages" section.
  • E-Mailboxes.  Network Solutions will also host your e-mailboxes for you are described below.
  • Traffic Reporting.  Network Solutions will monitor your traffic and provide detailed information about people visiting your website.  This information can be obtained through the Hosting Control Panel associated with your website.
  • Search Engine Submission.  Also included in your package is monthly search engine submission to multiple search engines.  This will assist your company with getting "on the radar," so to speak, with the most popular search engines, in turn it will help drive people to your website.

After the first year of registration it will be the responsibility of the customer to renew their hosting services.  Failure to renew your hosting services will result in loss of your website and interruption in your e-mail service.  Power Play will not be held responsible for such a loss and/or interruption.  To avoid issues with your service we recommend placing a credit card on file with Network Solutions and enabling the auto-renew feature.  There is no guarantee and Power Play cannot control the annual cost of your hosting, over time Network Solutions may increase or decrease the cost of your service.


No longer will you be using Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL or your home email address for business purposes.  Now your email address will be "you@yourcompany.xxx."  With the "Silver" hosting package you will receive a total of 1,000 e-mailboxes.  Additional boxes are available for an additional cost.

Here is a snapshot of your e-mail through Network Solutions and Power Play:

  • Minimum of 1,000 e-mailboxes.
  • Minimum of 1 Gigabyte of storage per box.  Additional storage is available at an additional charge.
  • Catch all e-mailbox.  One of your e-mailboxes can be setup to receive any email sent to your domain name without an assigned e-mailbox.  This is helpful if someone has a typo in your email address.  The e-mail may not get to the intended recipient right away, however it at least will get routed to whomever you put in charge of this e-mailbox.
  • E-mailbox setup.  Power Play will perform the initial setup of your e-mailboxes, entering the user name and generic password.  It will be up to your employees or IT professional to configure the mail to your system and assist with reassigning e-mailboxes and/or passwords.
  • Web-Based mail.  You will be able to access your e-mailbox remotely.  Similar to how free services like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail are utilized, you visit a page specific to your company, enter your user name and password and you have access to all of your email (provided you do not have your e-mail set to download directly into your work computer).  Webmail messages are available only until they are deleted or downloaded directly to your computer
  • POP Mail Availability.  Your email can be setup to download directly into popular e-mail programs like Microsoft Outlook and Eudora to name a few.  Power Play cannot assist with the configuration of this feature as each network is slightly different.  You should contact your IT professional to assist with this service.
  • Virus Protection and SPAM control. The e-mailbox from Network Solutions uses technology from industry leader Symantec Brightmail (r) to filter spam and provide protection against viruses spread via e-mail.